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Brief History

I. About the Library
The University of Taipei Library has developed under the hard work and support of the university presidents and the library directors. The facilities are housed in a separate 5-floor building (1 basement floor and 4 above-ground floors) on an area of 2,468 square meters. Separately from the main building, we have established a Multimedia Center, a Closed Stack Room, and a Group Viewing Room. Due to the Library’s growth, we are in the planning stages for rebuild the library facilities on the same site.


The Tianmu Library is located on floors 1 to 3 of the Science and Technology Building of the Tianmu campus. The Tianmu library covers 4,500 square meters and includes 1 Group Viewing Room and 5 Discussion Rooms.


Our collection is both wide and diverse, with approximately 330 thousand volumes at the main library and 110 thousand at the Tianmu library. We participate in the library consortium and cooperate with many institutions of higher education to provide access to hundreds of thousands of electronic books in Chinese and Western languages, giving our students and faculty the resources they need for academic research and study.


II. Organization
One director (who is chosen from our university faculty) is in charge of managing our library. Under the director we have 5 subordinate divisions: Acquisitions & Cataloging Division, Collection Management & Circulation Service Division, Reader Services Division, Multimedia Service Division, and Tianmu Library division, each headed by one division chief. Not including the director, our library staffs 14 professional librarians.


The library operates under the very important concepts of digitization, quality, professionalism, and innovation, and our mission to provide services in safety, warmth, convenience, and enthusiasm. Over recent years we have worked to increase proficiency of our library staffs, to improve the quality of our environment and service, and provide convenient, rapid, and professional library and information services to our students and faculty.


III. Duty
(A) To accord with development policy, we collect, organize, and preserve library material with academic value. We support the needs of education and research and urge development in culture and academics
(B) To develop a reading habit, and train our students how to search, organize, and use information resources
(C) To create an comfortable, safe and user-friendly environment and services for providing easily accessible electronic resources

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  • Date: 2014/03/21
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