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The Books of Basic Accomplishment and Core Competencies

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The Books of Basic Accomplishment and Core Competencies
Order Number書名作者出版社ISBN備註欄
1社會心理學Robert A. Baron, Donn Byrne, Nyla R. Branscombe作;梁家瑜譯心理9789861912240
2基督新教倫理與資本主義精神韋伯(Max Weber)著;康樂、簡惠美譯遠流9789573259763
5資本主義與現代社會理論:馬克思.凃爾幹.韋伯紀登斯(Anthony Giddens)著;簡惠美譯遠流9789573228882
6Multilevel Analysis: Techniques and Applications.Hox, Joop J.Routledge9781848728462
7Qualitative Research: Studying How Things Work.Stake, Robert E.The Guilford Press9781606235454
8Designing Social Research.Blaikie, NormanPolity Press9780745643373
9An Introduction to Qualitative Research Synthesis: Managing the Information Explosion in Social Science Research.Major, Claire H.Routledge9780415562867
10Mixed Methods Research: Merging Theory with Practice.Hesse-Biber, Sharlene N.The Guilford Press9781606232590
11Models in Statistical Social Research.Rohwer, GotzRoutledge9780415560559
12An Introduction to Qualitative Research.Flick, UweSage Publications Ltd.9781847873248
13Research Methods in Applied Settings: An Integrated Approach to Design and Analysis.Gliner, Jeffrey A.Routledge9780805864342
14Ten Tips for Producing a Top Qualitative Research Study.Edmonson, StacyAllyn & Bacon9780205524334
15Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design: Choosing Among Five Approaches.Creswell, John W.Sage Publications Ltd.9781412916066