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Designed for introductory undergraduate courses in psycholinguistics, this textbook is written in an easygoing manner which is neither too technical or intimidating to the beginning student. The text does not assume extensive background in linguistics, psychology or cognitive science, and includes all major extensions of the field. The collaborative authorship of eminent psycholinguists Berko Gleason and Bernstein Ratner assures the best possible coverage of these diverse topics. Features: * Chapter 2 has updated popular coverage of brain imaging and language processing. * Chapters 6 and 7 illustrate the dynamics of understanding language in context and the process of generating sentences. * The instructor's manual includes exercises, instructional activities, and handouts which demonstrate important material in the text. * The accompanying audio stimulus tape provides examples of difficult concepts such as speech intelligibility, categorical perception, click location and memory for words and sentences to encourage class participation. New to this edition: * Basic linguistic theory and terminology is covered more in detail and the research is thoroughly updated. * Chapter 6, Sentences Combined: Text and Discourse addresses a wider range of discourse processing, including mental models, text representation and memory, and connecting sentences in discourse. * Something to Think About questions stimulate students' critical thinking. * Each chapter contains mini-experiments designed to support students' grasp of material covered in the chapter.

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