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Physical education for children : daily lesson plans for elementary school /

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This book has been a big hit with physical educators since it came out in 1989. Now it's available in a new edition that keeps all the best features of the original, adds new material, and improves the presentation, all while making the information more affordable!The new edition is split into two books--one for the elementary level and another for middle school--so you pay only for the lesson plans you need. Each book still provides developmentally appropriate lesson plans for every day of the school year plus information on how to organize classes to best implement the lessons. You can use the time you save on developing and organizing content to focus on providing quality teacher-learner interaction.Both new books include an introductory section that explains basic motor development concepts and effective teaching strategies. With this background information fresh in your mind, it's easy to apply the ready-to-use lesson plans for maximum effectiveness. Other helpful features new to the second editions include- new activities, including units on health (in keeping with the increased emphasis on health-related physical activity);- unit summaries; and- new artwork throughout.Physical Education for Children: Daily Lesson Plans for Elementary School includes 437 lessons for grades K-5. (Physical Education for Children: Daily Lesson Plans for Middle School features 143 lessons for grades 6-8.) The activities become more challenging as you progress through the grade levels, and new activities are added at the higher levels. For each level, you'll find units of lesson plans on the following topics:- Organization- Fitness- Games and Sports- Rhythmic Activities- Gymnastics- Health- Classroom ActivitiesThe units on organization include both general concepts and sample lesson plans that demonstrate how to conduct classes that maximize students' opportunities to learn. The classroom activities are perfect to use on rainy days or as a teaching tool in a standard classroom curriculum.The ready-to-use, fully illustrated lesson plans feature- student objectives,- lists of equipment needs,- warm-up activities,- skill development activities, and- concluding activities.You'll also find an appendix at the back of the book that provides rating scales and evaluation forms to help you conduct assessments. The Physical Education for Children books make it easy for teachers to combine program planning, lesson plan development, and effective teaching practices to provide a quality physical education program. No elementary or middle school physical education teachers, especially new teachers, should be without them.

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