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The essays contained in this volume provide a focus on the work of the music theorist Heinrich Schenker - a figure of legendary status who has had an incalculable influence on developments in music theory and analysis in this century. His theories, not always fully understood, have aroused some controversy. The broad spectrum of essays presented here will help clarify Schenker's ideas and their application and will also serve as a helpful introduction to his work for music theorists. The emphasis of the volume is on Schenkerian analysis of musical works, these being discussed within the framework of larger theoretical issues. Historical issues concerning Schenker are also addressed in studies that take their cue from his own interests or from influences on his thought, and in essays that extend his theories and apply them to the discipline of music history. Perspectives on past and present Schenker studies in Great Britain and America are offered, supplemented by a bibliography of recent British writings related to Schenker. The essays, written by fourteen leading theorists, originate in papers delivered at the Schenker Symposium held at Mannes College of Music, New York in 1985.

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