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The adventures of Tom Sawyer /

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  Tom Sawyer’s appetite for adventure leads him and his friend, Huckleberry Finn, into all kinds of trouble. At first, the two boys plan to be pirates, but then they discover that there is mystery in their own village on the Mississippi River. Can they prove that the wrong man is accused of murder? And where is the stolen gold hidden? Will the boys be able to find it? The Adventures of Tom Sawyer has been abridged and simplified by Marie Coghill.


◎Story to Remember(STR)是將膾炙人口的世界文學名著, 在儘可能保留原著風格下, 改寫得淺顯易懂。讀者不但可享受到閱讀文學作品樂趣, 也在不知不覺中增進了英文能力。

◎本系列共分Junior 及 Senior兩級, 書後附有難字、片語及故事背後的註解, 以及測驗題可複習。

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