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Game theory : concepts and applications /

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A 'game' is any social situation involving two or more players in which the interests of both are interdependent. Underlying the structure of game theory is an assumption of 'rationality', i.e. that players act to produce the best possible outcome for themselves. These concepts now pervade much of social science, but many people remain unconvinced or lack the skills to adapt the models to their studies.Professor Zagare aims to "convert the unconverted and initiate the uninitiated" through his comprehensive exposition of game theory and its applications. He provides methods for analysing the structure of the game; considers zero and nonzero-sum games and the fundamental 'minimax theorem'; and investigates games with more than two players, including the possibility of coalitions between players.Examples drawn from diverse settings give the reader an idea of how the theory can be applied to a wide range of situations involving a conflict of interest.

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