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Psychology of Dance is the long-awaited guide to helping dancers of all ages and abilities reach their fullest artistic potential. This first-of-its-kind reference not only gives you an understanding of the psychological issues that most influence dance performance, but also provides easy-to-use techniques that help you meet the psychological needs of your dancers. With Psychology of Dance, you’ll learn how to design, implement, and maintain a Psychological Program for Enhanced Performance (PPEP). This comprehensive mental training program will enhance each dancer’s performance as it • builds motivation and develops self-confidence; • presents techniques for maintaining optimal performance intensity; • shows how to improve concentration and use dance imagery; • provides strategies for overcoming slumps and avoiding stress and burnout; and • helps the injured dancer through the physical and psychological rehabilitation process. The book also features a special format that follows the progression of a dance performance. Each chapter begins with a quote from a famous dancer that sets the mood. Then "Dress Rehearsal" describes a common scenario related to the topic at hand and asks how you might handle the situation. "Center Stage" appears in each chapter to highlight and suggest possible applications of the information covered, and "Encore" revisits key points in the chapter. The authors also include inventories that help both you and your students identify their strengths and areas of concern. Whatever the age and ability level of your dancers, Psychology of Dance provides the essential concepts and practical applications you can use to enrich their performance and personal and artistic growth.

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