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Developed by educators in Milwaukee's public schools and successfully used with over 15,000 students, this book will show you how to: - engage your students in high quality work - reveal information about your students which cannot be seen through standardized tests - help students become responsible for their own academic growth. The tasks and rubrics in this book will help you discover the strengths and learning needs of your students. With concrete, detailed examples from Kindergarten through 5th grade, this book demonstrates how to implement assessment portfolios in your classroom. Part I provides concrete details about how to organize, implement, and maintain assessment portfolios throughout the school year. In Part II are assessments in reading, writing, and math - featuring class tested scoring rubrics and samples of student work. Also included are learning projects, rich classroom activities requiring high quality intellectual work. Part III contains student handouts and scoring sheets, ready for you to distribute and use with the students in your class.

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