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Behaviourism : the early years /

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These volumes collect the seminal works that brought behaviorism from the margin to the mainstream of scientific psychology. The period covered extends from 1913, when John B. Watson argued that the proper goal of psychology was the prediction and control of behaviour, to 1928, when John Frederick Dashiell surveyed the progress of objectivist psychological theory and research. Volume I collects critical articles by Dunlap, Hot, Lashley, Mead, Thorndike, Tolman, Watson, Yerkes and others concerned with the continuing articulation of the behaviorist program. Volumes 2-6 reprint the full texts of five of the most important monographs contributing to the early growth of behaviourism: Allport's Social Psychology [1924], Hamilton's An Introduction to Objective Psychopathology [1925], Weiss's A Theoretical Basis of Human Behaviour [1925] and Dashiell's Fundamentals of Objective Psychology[1928].

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