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Advances in social network analysis : research in the social and behavioral sciences /

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Social network analysis, a method for analyzing relationships between social entities, has expanded over the last decade as new research has been done in this area. How can these new developments be applied effectively in the behavioral and social sciences disciplines? In Advances in Social Network Analysis, a team of leading methodologists in network analysis addresses this issue. They explore such topics as ways to specify the network contents to be studied, how to select the method for representing network structures, how social network analysis has been used to study interorganizational relations via the resource dependence model, how to use a contact matrix for studying the spread of disease in epidemiology, and how cohesion and structural equivalence network theories relate to studying social influence. It also offers statistical models for social support networks. Advances in Social Network Analysis is useful for researchers involved in general research methods and qualitative methods, and who are interested in psychology and sociology.

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