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Physics and fractal structures /

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The structures of physics, in general, are studied by using a simplified geometry on objects that are actually irregular and highly complex. The complex morphology and dynamics of many phenomena are lost when simple geometry is utilized. Fractals are the final result of 70 years of research spanning many fields of study, and what they reveal has pertinence to physics of materials, mechanics of fluids, functional anatomy, plant morphology, geomorphology, astrophysics, and numerous other disciplines. This book highlights the structures of fractals that share studies in related disciplines: relief, turbulence, chaos, fracture, percolation, diffusion fronts, aggregation, phase transitions, and particle trajectories. The author describes in particular detail the dynamical aspects of transport phenomena in the field of fractals. Intended for students of physics and chemistry in their second or third year, this book is also addressed to researchers and engineers interested in the current trends of contemporary physics as they relate to real applications. An extensive bibliography directs the reader to additional material on specific topics. Jean-François Gouyet attended the École Nationale Supérieure des Telecommunications and is a Director of Research at CNRS. Since 1976 he has done research in condensed matter physics at the École Polytechnique. His research achievements include, among others, the discovery (with two of his colleagues) of the existence of fractal diffusion fronts.

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