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Author of one of the most successful books in case study research, Yin provides students and research investigators with extensive applications of actual case study research, as well as discussions of how case study research can be applied to broad areas of inquiry. Each of the applications (which are excerpts from complete case studies) is designed to help readers identify solutions to problems encountered when doing case study research. The book is organized into three parts: Part I shows how to integrate theoretical concerns into exploratory case studies, descriptive case studies, or causal case studies, as well as showing how theory can shape the case selection process. Part II provides examples from education and management information systems of important steps in case study research, such as how to select the units of analysis, how to define data collection needs, and how to establish rival hypotheses. Lastly, Part III examines the use of case studies as an evaluative tool, including distinctions among different qualitative research strategies and for evaluating highly complex interventions, such as community-based interventions. For those who desire increased methodological guidance on how to carry out case study research, Yin’s new book provides the help they’ve been seeking.

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