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The reality of dyslexia /

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Dubbed the "middle class disease" by some and a "specific learning disability" by others, dyslexia affects about 1 in 25 people. It can involve a frustrating range of difficulties with orientation, time, short-term memory and sequencing -all conspiring against reading, writing, and organizational skills. Yet many professionals still refuse to acknowledge the existence of dyslexia as a diagnosable condition, distinct from other causes of low reading ability. In The Reality of Dyslexia, John Osmond provides an informative and sensitive study of living with dyslexia. He introduces the reader to the subject by way of his dyslexic son's difficulties, and his own as a parent. He then uses the personal accounts of child and adult dyslexics, even entire dyslexic families, to vividly illuminate the problems encountered by dyslexics. When they discover their condition, they communicate overwhelming feelings of relief that their peculiar difficulties have a name; that they are not alone, stupid, or insane; and that, in most cases, special accommodations and education can improve their functional abilities. The Reality of Dyslexia will prove an enlightening journey for all readers.

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