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The second edition of Analytical Chemistry for Technicians provides the "nuts and bolts" of analytical chemistry and focuses on the practical aspects for training a technician-level laboratory worker. This edition presents new and expanded chapters, innumerable questions and problems, and modified experiments that present a fresh and challenging approach. Some of the topics that have been expanded include chemical equilibrium, chromatography, Kjeldahl method, and molarity and moles where EDTA and water hardness calculations are concerned. New discussions of the Ag/AgCl and combination pH electrodes have been added, while the discussion of ion-selective electrodes has been expanded. The chapter introducing instrumental analysis and computers now includes discussions of "y = mx + b" and the method of least squares. The book also includes discussions of FTIR, topics of NMR, and mass spectrometry, which are found in the new infrared spectrometry chapter.

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