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Brain development and cognition : a reader /

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"Brain Development and Cognition" aims to provide a comprehensive review of the emerging interface between cognitive neuroscience and the study of cognitive development. It is a collection of articles (some of which have been specially updated by their authors) and commissioned chapters which discuss the various ways, both direct and indirect, that theories and facts about brain growth should influence our thinking about cognitive processes and their development. The editor provides linking text to clarify the significance of the readings, both for those interested in cognitive development, and for those whose primary focus is understanding the neural base of thought. Taking a developmental approach to cognitive neuroscience allows one to study how the maturation of particular neural pathways and structures gives rise to advances in cognitive, perceptual and motor abilities. On the other hand, taking a cognitive neuroscience approach to development is important since some changes in cognitive abilities during childbirth may be attributable to brain maturation, and since cognitive theories derived from consideration of neural development are more likely to adequately capture processes of developmental change than are those derived from consideration of digital computer architectures. The book is aimed at advanced undergraduates and above in developmental cognitive neuroscience.

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