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By the mid-sixties in America, Pop Art was establishing an approach to the making of art that represented a significant shift from the prevailing orthodoxy. Alongside Pop, Minimalism investigated other possible forms and meanings of art, an investigation that was continued and developed during the later sixties and early seventies in a wide range of works from Conceptualism, Performance, and other movements. Throughout Europe, too, these years saw a variety of work that questioned assumptions about art, a process that has continued up to the present day.This exciting new survey looks at the extraordinary diversity of work produced since the early sixties. As the author ably demonstrates, contemporary events, social issues, feminism, and the articulation of Postmodernism form not only a backdrop to this art but also a stimulus to it and a resource for its form and content. Intelligently argued and profusely illustrated, here is everything one needs to know about developments, facts, issues, strategies, and responses in art for the past thirty-five years.

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