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C# and the .NET platform /

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Aimed at the reader with some previous programming experience, C# and the .NET Platform provides an enjoyable and well-paced tutorial for learning C# and Microsoft's new .NET Framework. This well-written guide is all you need to get onboard with the latest in Windows development.Today, there are a growing number of titles available for C#. This text strikes an excellent balance between a basic language tutorial with an authoritative presentation of what's new and better in .NET with coverage of the some of the inner details of the platform, including deployment. The author's patient writing style is never dull or overly technical, which will mean this book is a good choice for a wide range of readers approaching C# from a variety of languages including C++, Java, and Visual Basic.At certain points, the author looks at "intermediate language" (IL) bytecodes that underlie the C# language. This is particularly informative in chapters that look at assemblies and deployment. As a tour of the basics of the C# language, this book distinguishes itself with short, effective examples (many of which use a set of classes modeling cars). Coverage of programming Windows Forms is really good, as is the chapter on getting the older COM and .NET components to interoperate. The focus of this book is mostly on traditional client-side development, though it does cover the latest in Web development with sections on basic ASP.NET and Web services, which round out the book.The author does a good job at explaining how .NET works while bringing readers of different abilities up to speed with C#. Experts will appreciate the detail on class design, COM, and Web services, while beginners will be able to follow the author's well-organized tour of the basics. In all, this combination of strengths makes C# and the .NET Platform an attractive choice in the growing list of titles on Microsoft's latest programming language. --Richard Dragan Topics covered: Introduction to the .NET platform Common Language Runtime (CLR) The Common Type Specification (CTS) The Common Language Specifications (CLS) Assemblies Basics of C# classes Constructors Flow control and iteration Arrays and strings Boxing and unboxing Object-oriented programming in C# (encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism explained) Exception handling Garbage collection Implementing the ICloneable and IComparable interfaces Introduction to .NET collections (including custom collections) Custom indexers, delegates, and events explained XML-based documentation In-depth guide to .NET assemblies (including shared assemblies) Versioning techniques for side-by-side deployment Multithreading and synchronization Type reflection and attributes Windows Forms tutorial (design options, survey of components, menus and other UI widgets) Programming the Windows registry GDI+ graphics tutorial (including fonts, brushes, images, and using .NET resources) Input and output (directories, files, and streams) COM, COM+, and .NET interoperability Tutorial to ADO.NET for database programming (including DataSets and XML basics) Introduction to ASP and ASP.NET programming for Web development Web services basics (including SOAP, WSDL, and the Discovery Service Protocol, DISCO)

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