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Systems programming for Windows 95 /

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SYSTEMS PROGRAMMING FOR WINDOWS 95 stands alone as the definitive guide to system-level programming for Windows 95. The author, Walter Oney, is well-known for his articles in leading trade periodicals. There are a dozen competent books that tell how to use the standard application programming interface (API) to program applications for Windows. But books about the other end of this spectrum-system-level programming-are rare. This book explains how and why developers can combine various low-level system calls to accomplish high-end results, and it emphasizes low-level solutions using C and C++. The book opens with an overview of Microsoft system architecture and the available interfaces for systems programming. After that it's a satisfying ride through system-level programming, covering such ground as virtual device drivers, input/output device programming, and operating system extensions. This is critical information for developers, who will also appreciate the real-world solutions the book offers. The compact disc contains an annotated/corrected DDK Help file and sample code that programmers can work with online.

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