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As economic pressures and the desire for equal opportunities propel mothers into the workforce, more and more young children spend at least part of their day away from home. With social services day nurseries and family centres catering mainly for children in need', the numbers of private and work-based child care centres are rapidly increasing. People Under Three focuses on the group day care of very young children and is designed specifically for those who look after them day by day as well as for policy makers, administrators and the managers of child care services. The authors, both well known for their work on child welfare and child care services, show how the theoretical advances we have made in understanding children's minds and the influences on their behaviour and development can be translated into everyday practice. All the practical ideas in the book have been developed and tested in nurseries and family centres in Britain and elsewhere. They include detailed guidance on educational play for babies and toddlers; the key person' system, caring for children's emotional needs; and how to transform the outdoor area. The book also explores the difficult area of child protection and working with parents and children with a variety of problems, and includes a chapter on the staff group. Based on the authors' enormous range of experience and expertise, People Under Three will be essential reading for managers of child care and family centres and private nurseries, for people responsible for registering and inspecting day care facilities, and for all those training to work with young children. Parents too, will find the book helpful in evaluating the care available for their children.

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