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Leadership in continuing and distance education in higher education /

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To meet the needs of adults ages 22 to 75 and beyond who are flocking back to school, nearly every college and university has established a Continuing Education division or program. Yet until now there has been very little education for leadership in this rapidly growing field. That's why readers at all levels of higher education will find this book so valuable. The book's extraordinary contribution is a wealth of detailed information on the specifics of creating a thriving Continuing Education program. Topics include ways to motivate staff members, develop crucial liaisons and build resources and budgets; guidelines for strategic planning, managing change, and creating dynamic work groups; specific techniques for creative and analytical problem solving; a review of innovative distance learning programs; and an extensive collection of useful tools, including questionnaires, models, diagrams, charts, summaries, direct mail tips, and a proposal drafting guide. In addition, appendices contain a sample mission statement and marketing plan, samples of planning documents and annual reports, and a list of worldwide distance education organizations. Higher education professionals.

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