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Child abuse trauma : theory and treatment of the lasting effects /

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Clinicians have tended to specialize in one form of child maltreatment, rather than examine the interrelationship between the various types of abuse and neglect. In response to this fragmentation, this volume considers the unique and overlapping long-term effects of all major forms of child abuse and neglect. The author integrates information on seven types of child abuse and neglect - ranging from sexual and physical abuse to mistreatment by alcoholic or drug-addicted parents - and outlines the complex ways in which abuse impacts on later psychosocial functioning. Briere reframes traditional notions of psychopathology and describes treatment approaches to abuse-related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, interpersonal dysfunction, self-destructive behaviour, impaired self-reference and borderline personality disorder. Child Abuse Trauma will be an invaluable resource for abuse specialists and for general therapists who want to understand the connection between many forms of psychological distress and the lasting impacts of child maltreatment.

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