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Transactional analysis, with its simplicity of language and clarity of concept, offers an approach to counseling that promotes understanding and immediately catches the imagination. Yet, below this surface appeal is a profound theoretical structure. In Transactional Analysis Counselling In Action, Stewart explains these theoretical principles by relating them to direct practice. He clearly illustrates the process of transactional analysis counselling form the first contact, through initial diagnosis and treatment planning, to contact-making and the planned treatment sequence. In addition, he offers useful suggestions for how best to deal with changing behavior patterns and emotions of clients. "This is valuable for everyone interested in TA since many concepts can only be fully assimilated when linked to actual examples. Even if you are not in clinical practice, this book would be a useful addition to your library and, for anyone in training or beginning practice, this is required reading." --Group Relations "A skillful synthesis of techniques developed over 25 years in response to a great theory with little implied methodology. . . . The thorough sections on contract making are extremely valuable for starting practitioners. . . . The inclusion of a self-supervision sequence, which invites the reader to work using her own taped sessions with a client, are an excellent teaching aid." --Institute of Transactional Analysis News "Useful to both practitioners and students of counselling. . . . I found reading the book an excellent aide-memoir with regard to the basic tenets of Transactional Analysis, and a useful introduction to current thinking and practice in the subject. It provides a secure base on which to build." --British Journal of Medical Psychology "The book succeeds in presenting TA as in important, interesting, and intelligible framework for understanding and promoting constructive psychological change. It is written primarily for counselors or counselors-in-training whose backgrounds have been in counseling methods other than TA and who are interested in adding TA resources to their counseling skills." --Choice "I thoroughly enjoyed this excellent account of a practical application of TA and I am sure that it will become a standard reference book. Stewart's style is wonderfully clear, methodical and also interesting and he introduces complicated material in short, accessible units. [He] offers the reader a real model of counselling and shows how to use it. His tone is one of respect for himself, his clients and his readers. . . . It is a fine contribution to the TA literature." --EATA Newsletter "Provides a lucid and comprehensive account of transactional analysis theory and practice. An accurate if inelegant description of the book would be 'user friendly'. Complex theoretical material is made accessible by a clear layout, the opportunity to relate the reader's understanding to their own experience with clients, and an internal logic that echoes the process of helping. . . . In publishing this volume Stewart has made my life as a teacher of counselling easier." --British Journal of Guidance and Counselling "Stewart has tackled a significant task and has managed to include a tremendous amount of information. . . . He deserves much credit for his efforts." --Transactional Analysis Journal

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