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Publication of the controversial book The Bell Curve prompted an updating of this scholarly masterpiece by distinguished anthropologist Ashley Montagu, whose work has been among the most articulate critiques of pseudoscientific racism over the past five decades. Montagu includes pieces by 20 scientists and writers, including an insightful history of biological determinism by Stephen Jay Gould ("Racist Arguments and IQ"), Jerome Kagan's deconstructive analysis "The Magical Aura of the IQ," and a comprehensive attack on The Bell Curve by Alan Ryan ("Bad Science, Worse Politics"). In his own essays, "Intelligence, IQ, and Race" and "The IQ Mythology," Montagu continues his tireless crusades against the mythologies of racial purity and the fallacies of inherent and inalterable intelligence differences among nonwhite peoples. "Intelligence is a complex function of highly complex variables," Montagu writes, "so complex, indeed, that we can hardly be said to have made a beginning in understanding any of them." --Eugene Holley Jr.

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