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Exams frighten almost everyone. Fear of failure (and fear of success) can inhibit learning. Students will always perform better if they have the necessary emotional resources in the run-up to their exams. Many study books fail to deliver what they promise: techniques alone do not necessarily boost exam performance. To work effectively, study advice has to take account of the variety of attitudes students have to the prospect of being assessed. These determine how successfully they adopt and develop study strategies for exam success. In addition to fundamental student skills such as timetabling, note-taking, memorising, research, use of the internet, essay-writing and exam technique, "The Student's Guide to Exam Success" offers ground-breaking advice on developing emotional strength in response to the increasingly heavy demands that are made on students in the modern world. It offers a variety of strategies which will help students to: develop self-awareness; find out how to stop procrastinating and worrying about results, and start to enjoy their work; learn about the dangers of swotting; develop the necessary confidence to handle reading lists, coursework, presentations and practicals; and learn to deal with tutors, lecturers and examiners.

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