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Dr. Deming : the American who taught the Japanese about quality /

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Dr. W. Edwards Deming, a household name in Japan, became the prime catalyst behind the incredible success of Japanese industry. In fact, since 1951, the Deming Prize has been the most coveted and prestigious award among Japanese corporations, similar to the Malcolm Baldrige Award for quality in business in the United States. Today, Deming is finally becoming a household name in his own country. The lessons he has to teach American business are more urgent than ever.Just how different is the Deming Management Method? Compare just a few of the many differences in beliefs between conventional organizations and Deming organizations:Standard Company* Quality is expensive* Defects are caused by workers* Buy at lowest cost* Fear and reward are proper ways to motivate* Play one supplier off against anotherDeming Company* Quality leads to lower costs* Most defects are caused by the system* Buy from vendors committed to quality* Fear leads to disaster* Work with suppliers

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