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Cognitive-behavioural therapy : research, practice, and philosophy /

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"Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy" is a comprehensively revised and augmented text, based on Professor Sheldon's previous book "Behavioural Modification" - but expanded and updated to take into account recent developments in social work effectiveness research, psychotherapy and clinical psychology, as well as the large-scale changes in the organization of the social services. Based on empirical evidence, the book is designed to give a thorough grounding in cognitive-behavioural methods and their application. Professor Sheldon makes a powerful case for the greater use of these therapies in full recognition of the pressures under which social workers have to operate. The book offers: a thorough guide to assessment and therapeutic procedures, including methods of evaluation; a comprehensive review of the latest research on learning and cognition, examining the therapeutic implications of these studies; illustrations of the main methods of helping with case examples from social work practice; and consideration of the ethical implications of such methods as a part of mainstream social work. The author has also published "Behaviour Modification: Theory, Practice and Philosophy" (Tavistock, 1982).

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