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轉寄 列印
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This book opens with an overview on the economic geography of China, such as geographical features, demographic characteristics, natural resources, rural and urban planning, and environmental protection strategies. It then describes how China's economy developed over the past 60 years starting from the initial 'Five-Year Plan,' the transitions brought about by campaigns such as the Great Leap Forward, the People's Commune, the Cultural Revolution, and also how the reform and opening-up led to a socialist market-oriented economy promulgated by Deng Xiaoping. Following that, the book describes China's basic economic system and how economic policies have benefited the Chinese people. Finally, the book illustrates China's economic achievements with official statistics and graphs and introduces the future economic plan and strategies mapped out by the central government.Table of Contents1. China's Economic Geography.2. China's Economy: History and Development. 3. China's Basic Economic System and Policies.4. China's Economic Development: Standards and Achievements.5. China's Challenges and Her Economic Development Trends.6. China's Role and Position in the Global Economy.This title is part of The Sinopedia Series that includes: 01. China's Culture02. China's Diplomacy 03. China's Economy 04. China's Environment 05. China's Ethnic Groups and Religions06. China's Geography 07. China's History08. China's Legal System09. China's National Defense10. China's Political System11. China's Science, Technology, and Education 12. China's Social Development

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