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China's ethnic groups and religions /

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轉寄 列印
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China's Ethnic Groups and Religions provides a historical background on the ethnic groups of China. The book explains how the central government categorizes ethnic groups and minorities. Furthermore, the book explains how the granting of autonomous governing status to certain ethnic groups in China is done with the sole aim of achieving national unity. Next, the author discusses the cultural and social practices of ethnic minorities, and the government's effort to protect and promote their cultures, as well as government measures to improve the economic well-being of all ethnic groups. It then concludes with a general description on the various major religions practiced in China.Table of Contents :1. Nationality or Ethnic Group?2. Diversity in a Unified Chinese Nation.3. An Overview of China's Ethnic Minorities Populations.4. Policies of Regional Ethnic Autonomy in China.5. Protection and Development of China's Ethnic Minority Culture.6. Economies of Ethnic Minorities in China.7. Religious Beliefs of the Chinese People.This title is part of The Sinopedia Series that includes:01. China's Culture02. China's Diplomacy03. China's Economy04. China's Environment05. China's Ethnic Groups and Religions06. China's Geography07. China's History08. China's Legal System 09. China's National Defense10. China's Political System11. China's Science, Technology, and Education12. China's Social Development

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