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轉寄 列印
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China's Science, Technology, and Education starts off with a short historical background on the development of science and technology research in China after her transition to a socialist market economy. Besides administering research activities through national institutes and various ministries, the educational system has also undergone holistic reform with the aim of promoting economic and social development in China. Various programs and projects related to scientific research, technical innovation, and the education and training of students, researchers, and managers are also broadly discussed. The book concludes with international exchanges and cooperation related to science, technology, and education.Table of Contents :Chapter 1.China's Education and Her Research and Development SystemChapter 2. China's Science and Technology Resources and Her TalentsChapter 3. China's Scientific and Technological Progress and InnovationsChapter 4. Fruits of High-Tech IndustrializationChapter 5. Science Education and ActivitiesChapter 6. International Cooperation on Science, Technology, and Education This title is part of The Sinopedia Series that includes:01. China's Culture02. China's Diplomacy03. China's Economy04. China's Environment05. China's Ethnic Groups and Religions06. China's Geography07. China's History08. China's Legal System09. China's National Defense10. China's Political System11. China's Science, Technology, and Education 12. China's Social Development

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