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轉寄 列印
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Chinese society is multifaceted. To provide a more structured narrative, this book focuses on those aspects of society that are closely related with people s livelihood. Such an approach allows us a sharper insight into the Chinese society by concentrating on its principal elements. The book elaborates on the aspects of Chinese society that have witnessed the greatest change, a change that is relevant to the common Chinese citizen. It delves into certain features of society in detail; yet in some other parts, it leaves some blanks for readers to ponder over. This title is part of The Sinopedia Series that includes:01. China's Culture02. China's Diplomacy03. China's Economy04. China's Environment05. China's Ethnic Groups and Religions06. China's Geography07. China's History08. China's Legal System 09. China's National Defense10. China's Political System11. China's Science, Technology, and Education 12. China's Social DevelopmentTable of Contents :1. Influence of Economic Takeoff on Chinese Society.2. Population, Marriage, and the Family.3. Urbanization and Population Mobility.4. Community and Community Construction.5. Anti-poverty Achievements in Urban and Rural Areas.6. Reform of the Medical and Health System.

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