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Team challenges : 170+ group activities to build cooperation, communication, and creativity /

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Team Challenges promotes effective communication skills and teamwork. Designed to offer teachers, facilitators, and parents a wide variety of activities to cultivate children's problem-solving skills while fostering cooperation between group members, the activities in the book utilize common household items and recycled materials, and require no more than 10 minutes, start to finish. Presented with a challenge from this book, kids work cooperatively to solve open ended problems which can incorporate structure building, improvisation skills and physical tasks. The challenges will teach children to experiment with building methods, discover new uses for everyday items, try on new personas, and express themselves as they work together toward a successful solution. Team members are required to think outside the box, communicate clearly, and cooperate with each other in order to complete each task. Activities include building structures from materials such as index cards, drinking straws, paper clips and sticky dots; moving items from one location to another without directly touching them; or presenting a skit portraying their solution to a hypothetical dilemma. Children will learn not only from each other, but also from observing how other teams navigate each task. Pass some creative problem solving skills on to the kids (and adults!) in your life with the fun activities you'll find in Team Challenges. Adults who work with children will find this to be a great addition to their repertoire. Ever found yourself with five extra minutes to spare, but nothing to discuss in that short amount of time? Turn to Chapter Five, and you'll find questions such as these: *Name things that you carry on your back (a backpack, a baby, a monkey) *Name things that you take out (garbage, Chinese food, an opponent) *List things that are printed (newspapers, the alphabet, T-shirts) Need a simple activity to occupy the kids and encourage them to work cooperatively? Challenge them to one of the Tiny Tasks, found in Chapter Four: *Build a structure as tall as possible using 5 marshmallows and 10 drinking straws *Create a bridge that will span 18" using 3 sticky notes and 10 cotton balls *Create a continuous line as long as possible using 1 envelope and 5 recycled bottle caps More detailed challenges are found in subsequent chapters.

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