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Theory and method in organization studies : paradigms and choices /

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In this introduction to theory and method, students of organization will find a comprehensive view of the key theories in their field, combined with a toolkit of guidelines linking these to the different methods available for analyzing and interpreting organizational life.Distinguishing 'the external society' and the 'internal society', Antonio Strati sheds light on the different contexts that shape organizational life and the different levels of analysis that may be used. By showing the many levels at which organizations function and can be understood this book provides an invaluable introduction to analysis and research for advanced students. Recent concepts such as 'the organization as hypertext'; 'communities of practice'; 'tacit knowledge'; and organizational learning; are explored as ways of approaching organizations: this book shows how to link such approaches to appropriate methodologies in order to achieve insightful analysis.The relationship between methodological choices and theoretical paradigms is a continuous one. By showing the reflexive nature of fieldwork and the implications of both theoretical lenses and research methodologies this book provides an essential introduction to advanced studies of organizations.

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