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Prisons have a very distinctive environment, one in which particular psychological problems occur with exaggerated frequency and intensity. If prison staff are to work effectively, they must be aware of the influence of this unique environment upon the behaviour of those who inhabit it. This book argues that by applying psychological principles, the behaviour of prisoners can be better understood, and violence, distress and stress can be limited. The authors show how psychology can be used to increase our understanding of prisoners, how they became involved in crime, and how they adapt to prison life. They explain how psychology can be used and applied to make for more effective day-to-day dealing with prisoners. The authors focus on key areas of tension and particular problem groups, including sex offenders, violent offenders and the issue of AIDS. The book also considers the effect working in a prison has on its staff and explores how they can use psychological principles both to reduce the level of stress they undergo in their work and to secure the prisoners' mental well being.

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