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Biomechanics of the musculo-skeletal system /

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Biomechanics of the Musculo-skeletal System Second Edition Edited by Benno M. Nigg and Walter Herzog Human Performance Laboratory, The University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada This thoroughly updated and revised edition of Benno Nigg's and Walter Herzog's widely read 1994 book presents a unique and comprehensive account of the mechanics of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. Geared towards students and researchers of biomechanics, the book covers key areas including the properties of biomaterials, common measuring techniques and modelling. Whilst retaining the overall structure of the original edition, this second edition incorporates: * Extensive use of questions and answers for students at the end of sections. * A new chapter covering the effects of age, exercise and immobility. * Greatly expanded treatment of bone, cartilage, ligaments and tendons. * Increased treatment of energy considerations and simulation. * More thorough discussions of muscle and joints. Once again, this well organized and authoritative book provides a comprehensive treatment of all aspects of the musculo-skeletal system. It is an indispensable tool for undergraduate students in mechanics or physics, medical students and graduate students in engineering, exercise and sport science, kinesiology, and indeed for all those with an interest in the biomechanical aspects of the human or animal body. From the reviews of the first edition 'The book is an absolute must for any biomechanics course and any department with an interest in biomechanics of the musculo-skeletal complex.' Journal of Engineering in Medicine 'This book is a welcome addition to the field and I recommend it to all serious students of biomechanics' American Society of Biomechanics

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