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Opportunities for regerence services : the brightside of reference services inthe 1990's /

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Here is a refreshing new book that takes a unique look at the many aspects of reference librarianship. Written by reference librarians for reference librarians, this new volume explores the changing roles of reference services and offers advice and practical ideas to guide librarians through the increasingly tangled maze of duties being thrust upon the reference staff. Although the everyday work of the reference librarian is often taken for granted, these insightful chapters illuminate the essential service performed by the reference librarians as they facilitate access to information for a wide variety of users. Furthermore, this book helps reference librarians face the future by examining the technological and service developments that will challenge their profession.Opportunities for Reference Librarians addresses unique reference problems such as making use of the telephone as an information gathering tool, selecting reference material for the interdisciplinary field of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER), and helping non-law students with legal research. The fascinating anecdotes and encouraging discussions will be invaluable to reference library professionals for years to come.This important book covers a wide variety of topics of interest to reference librarians. Topics related to information systems are examined such as the limitations of end-user online services, and an evaluation of the Library of Congress Information system. Authoritative contributors make recommendations on how to design services to coordinate with the new technology and how to change librarians’roles so they can assist people in using these systems.

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