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Research training for social scientists : a handbook for postgraduate researchers /

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Based on the UK Economic and Social Research Council advice on the training which students should undertake in preparation for postgraduate research, this book will be invaluable for the beginning researcher.The organisation of the book reflects the knowledge and skills that are required of social scientists in order to become competent and effective researchers. It follows the life-cycle of research and begins with the discussion of ethical and philosphical issues as they relate to social research. This is followed by a section on using the literature to develop social research projects. Quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis are discussed in considerable depth, including the use of computers in research. The final section includes material on how to write up and present research projects.Sutiable for a wide range of students from a variety of social science backgrounds this book will provide the beginning researcher with the core conceptual and practical skills to enable them to embark on succesful research projects.

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