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The intentional teacher : choosing the best strategies for young children's learning /

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As educators we must act with knowledge and purpose to make sure young children acquire the skills and understanding they need to succeed. Planful, intentional teachers keep in mind the key goals for children's learning and development in all domains by creating supportive environments, planning curriculum, and selecting from a variety of teaching strategies those that best promote each child's thinking and skills. This book considers how and when each type of learning (child-guided, adult-guided, or a combination) is most effective and what teachers can do to support it. Eight chapters comprise this book: (1) Introducing Intentional Teaching; (2) Best Practices to Support Intentional Teaching; (3) Language and Literacy; (4) Mathematics and Scientific Literacy; (5) Social Skills and Understandings; (6) Physical Movement; (7) The Visual Arts; and (8) Reflections on Intentional Teaching. The book also includes acknowledgments, resources, references, and an index.

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