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ImagineFX sci-fi : the ultimate guide to mastering digital painting techniques.

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Following the success of Fantasy Workshop, Fantasy Creatures and Manga, the ImagineFX team have turned their expertise to Sci-Fi art for digital artists who want to progress to the next level. With reference to creative painting programs (including Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Painter), the book explains, with the help of step-by-step instructions, Q&A's, screen grabs, how to progress from basic 'pencil' roughs to first stage line art and, ultimately, finished colour art. Creating all sorts of amazing Sci-Fi characters, futurescapes and stunning scenarios using the very latest expert techniques, you'll soon be able to design your own digital paintings and first-class Sci-Fi art. Other titles in the Imagine FX series: Fantasy Workshop (9781843404729), Fantasy Creatures (9781843406020) and Manga (9781843405788), available August 2011. Word count: 25,000

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