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Psychology A2 : the mini companion for AQA 'A' /

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The Complete Companions for AQA 'A' are written by authors Mike Cardwell and Cara Flanagan. Each component in this series is designed to be used independently and also to interlock with each other to provide full support for students. The A2 Mini Companion provides students with the essential facts they need to do well in the A2 AQA 'A' exams. This portable little book concisely provides the underpinning knowledge students need as they revise for their exams and acts as a lesson-by-lesson summary as students work through the course. Although designed to be used independently this book also interlocks seamlessly with each A2 title in the Complete Companions for AQA 'A' series to provide staged support for students - knowledge and study support, revision and exam practice. Visit www.oxfordsecondary.co.uk/psychologychanges for free support for the 2012 AQA A specifications.

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