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Textiles : a world tour : discovering traditional fabrics & patterns /

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轉寄 列印
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New in paperback, this colourful book takes the reader on an international textile tour with a fabric-collecting fashion designer. Pieced together much like the fine garments it portrays, this book presents in glorious photographs, samples and sketches a raft of remarkable clothing from all over the world. Taking the reader from Vietnam to Benin, from Central America to northern India, the book is brimful of stunning costumes, vibrant fabrics and breathtaking detail. All designers and anyone who loves fashion will find this volume a huge source of inspiration, as will all fans of off-the beaten-track travel destinations. "Fabulous to dip in to, full of inspiration and intrigue, you'll feel like you've made the journey yourself!". ("Craftsman Magazine"). "Fantastically vibrant bright turbans and intricate embroidery galore". ("Wanderlust"). "Lovely a wealth of illustrations of people and their finery all over the world". ("The Irish Times").

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