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Instrumentovki : "Pesn o blokhe" M. Musorgskozo, "Pesn o blokhe" L. Betkhovena /

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轉寄 列印
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Here are two never before published manuscripts of one of the greatest musicians of the 20th Century, including a facsimile copy of Stravinsky's handwritten score. This work is richly illustrated with documentary and photographic materials related to the Stravinsky work and to the performance of these pieces at the famous concert with the renowned base Feodor Chaliapin in the Nobility Assembly Concert Hall in St. Petersburg on November 29, 1909. The book is published in four languages and is intended for professional musicians, performers and researchers of Stravinsky's works, for listeners and readers with high intellectual demands, and for those interested in the history of the Russian musical culture of the early Twentieth Century, in the life of distinguished composers and performers, in the musical life of St. Petersburg, as well as for those who value contacts with the original, priceless documents of composers' creative process. AUDIO CD: Feodor Chaliapin sings The Song of the Flea by Mussorgsky. Piano played by Georgy Godzinsky, and recorded in Tokyo, February 6, 1936. Also: The Song of the Flea orchestrated by Stravinsky, under the direction of Percy Pitt, recorded in London, October 10, 1921. Also: another orchestral version conducted by Eugene Goosens, recorded in London, May 20, 1926.

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