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The support group sourcebook : what they are, how you can find one, and how they can help you /

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Support groups are communities made up of kindred souls-people who share a common, defining life experience. Whether that experience is cancer, the death of a loved one, chemical abuse, or domestic violence, support groups can provide the meaningful connection we can't find anywhere else. There are thousands of groups to join for support. But how do we choose the right one? What makes one group fail and another succeed? And if we want to start our own group, where do we begin and how do we keep it going? Cancer group facilitator Linda Klein has provided a one-stop resource for all your questions about support groups. You'll find invaluable tips on how to: Choose a group and participate effectively Start your own group and develop its potential Take part in online support groups-safely In this book, you'll read participants' personal accounts of their group experiences. Potential group members will find tips on how to benefit fully from a support group, including what to expect-and not expect-from a group situation. Group leaders will find handy discussion guides as well as sample press releases and public service announcements for reaching prospective members. For those who want to join a group but don't know where to begin, and for those who want to form a group but don't know how, The Support Group Sourcebook will provide you with that vital first step toward helping yourself-and others.

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