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Power/gender : social relations in theory and pracice /

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轉寄 列印
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The connection between gender and power is at the center of current debates across the social sciences. This timely book assembles a distinguished international cast of contributors from social psychology, women's studies, sociology, management, political science, and the humanities to provide a broad-ranging analysis of the complex strands that inextricably link gender and power relations. This volume examines how gender is constructed through the practices of power and demonstrates how "female" and "male" are shaped not only at the microlevel of everyday social interaction but also at the macrolevel where social institutions control and regulate the practice of gender. Power / Gender explores the incorporation of gender relations and theories on power, the links between gender and political arrangements, and the socially constructed nature of gender. It also examines the connections between gender and power within the specific context of women's lives. This interesting and original volume is essential reading for anyone in social psychology, women's studies, political science, management and sociology who seeks to understand why gender relations are power relations.

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