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Classroom Observation Tasks will help teachers use classroom observation as a learning tool; a place where they may discover more about the processes of teaching and learning, and ultimately, more about their own teaching. The model of teacher development used is that of the teacher as reflective practitioner, where teachers initiate and propel their own professional development. In the past, classroom observation was usually understood in judgment terms--assessment, evaluation, probation. The classroom was a place where a more experienced teacher came and passed judgment on a less experienced teacher. Classroom Observation Tasks looks at observing from outside the realm of assessment, thus removing much of the fear and anxiety from observation. The focus is on discovery, learning, and teacher development. Classroom Observation Tasks is addressed to the teacher, but also may be used by teacher trainees, teacher trainers, and those involved in school-based teacher support. Over thirty-five structured tasks related to classrooms are provided and divided into seven focus areas.

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