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Aphasiology : disorders and clinical practice /

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Aphasiology: Disorders and Clinical Practice, 2/eoffers a uniquely balanced and comprehensive presentation of aphasia, encompassing both theoretical study and clinical practice. Written in a highly accessible style, this text carefully explains and illustrates key paradigms in research and treatment. The author uses tables to summarize essential points and to provide historical overviews. Structured according to a course outline, the book begins with etiology and moves quickly to clinical assessment. It teaches diagnostic thinking with respect to the relationships between symptoms and hidden impairments in cognitive terms. This thinking is illustrated with research as well as more explicitly with assessments and treatments. Through this approach, a future clinician should acquire an appreciation for the scientific investigation that supports a clinical discipline. The Second Edition features updated information on many topics, such as functional assessments and treatments (including ethnography and outcome measures) and medical aspects and treatments keep the text current and competitive in the field. It also includes a new chapter on dementias supplements current chapters on other cognitive disorders (right hemisphere dysfunction and traumatic brain injury). Each of these chapters includes additional information on rehabilitation as well as up-to-date information on current research. The content has been reorganized within and between chapters to maximize readability and ease of use as a course text. Psycholinguistics background has been restructured to improve efficiency and readability of the text. Chapter 6 on "Special Investigations" has been eliminated from this edition and its topics have been redistributed, improving the overall flow of the text.

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