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Language development from theory to practice /

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A balanced and multidimensional survey of language development rich in learning tools and features. Language Development from Theory to Practice provides students with a user-friendly approach to key topics in language development, including research methods, theoretical perspectives, major language milestones from birth to adolescence, and language diversity and language disorders. The research based and theoretical foundation found in this engaging text is designed to prepare students for advanced study in subjects associated with language development by summarizing the various theoretical orientations that have guided research and practice. With an emphasis on the relevance of the material to students' current and future experiences in clinical, educational, and research settings, this text also focuses on individual differences in language development, including those of children who are developing language in diverse cultures or who are developing language atypically. Features * A balance of theory and practice provides students with a theoretical and scientific foundation to the study of language development and prepares them for advanced study in language development and related fields. * A multidisciplinary focus allows readers to best understand the constantly evolving and diverse world of language development study * Multicultural considerations in understanding language development promotes students' awareness of the way culture interacts with language development for children from diverse backgrounds within and beyond North American communities. * An emphasis on research familiarize students with the use of evidence-based practices as well as the most current empirical findings in children's language achievements. * A reader-friendly format and style promotes student learning with boldfaced terms, helpful figures and graphs, discussion questions, and an engaging writing style. * Learning tools and features, include focus questions, chapter summaries, resource lists, boxed inserts. * A companion website located at www.pearsonhighered.com/pence2e, offers students reflection questions, study items, and helpful website links to related sites of interest for further study. * A CD-ROM that contains language samples of children from birth through 13 years of age and video clips of research paradigms used to learn about language development gives students an opportunity to hear and visualize language development and language development concepts.

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