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PISA 2006 technical report.

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The PISA 2006 Technical Report describes the methodology underlying the PISA 2006 survey. It examines additional features related to the implementation of the project at a level of detail that allows researchers to understand and replicate its analyses. The reader will find a wealth of information on the test and sample design, methodologies used to analyse the data, technical features of the project and quality control mechanisms. Table of Content : Foreword Chapter 1. Programme for International Student Assessment: An Overview Reader's Guide Chapter 2. Test Design and Test Development Chapter 3. The Development of the PISA Context Questionnaires Chapter 4. Sample Design Chapter 5. Translation and Cultural Appropriateness of the Test and Survey Material Chapter 6. Field Operations Chapter 7. Quality Assurance Chapter 8. Survey Weighting and the Calcuation of Sampling Variance Chapter 9. Scaling PISA Cognitive Data Chapter 10. Data Management Procedures Chapter 11. Sampling Outcomes Chapter 12. Scaling Outcomes Chapter 13. Coding and Marker Reliability Studies Chapter 14. Data Adjudication Chapter 15. Profieciency Scale Construction Chapter 16. Scaling Procedures and Construct Validation of Context Questionnaire Data Chapter 17. Validation of the Embedded Attitudinal Scales Chapter 18. International Database References Appendices

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