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內容簡介top A Lion called Christian with CD (Scholastic ELT Readers Level 4)重逢,在世界盡頭 簡介 Extensive reading improves fluency and there is a real need in the ELT classroom for contemporary graded material that will stimulate students. In 2008, YouTube.com showed an extraordinary clip of the reunion between two young men and their pet lion in Kenya. It was watched by millions of people around the world. A Lion Called Christian is the true story of two Australians who bought a pet lion cub called Christian in the 1970s and his subsequent journey to his rightful home in the wild. 序 Scholastic ELT Readers Series 電影讀本(附CD)為 2008年系列新書 此系列書籍,特別挑選可以讓青少年讀者或是英語學習者引發興趣的題材, 內容涵蓋了當代著名的電影、電視、經典文學以及青少年小說等。 本書三大特點─ 一、每一本書都是文字內容+朗讀CD,書內亦有節錄劇照,學習效果加倍。 二、書末還有2個特別單元 " Fact File " ─針對書籍內容探討相關的話題, 豐富有 趣的讓人愛不釋手。 " Self-study Activities " ─以閱讀後的小測驗讓讀者學習英 文更有系統與方法 。 三、於網站上提供各冊簡介與試讀,另還可以Down load試題與解答,對提 升語文能力頗有助益。 http://www.link2english.com/readers_home.htm#start 此書共分4個級數,分別是 Starter level : 適合具備 300字彙以上讀者閱讀; Level 1 : 適合具備 600字彙以上讀者閱讀; Level 2 : 適合具備 1000字彙以上讀者閱讀; Level 3 : 適合具備 1500字彙以上讀者閱讀; Level 4 : 適合具備 2000字彙以上讀者閱讀。(2010年新增)

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