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The poem's heartbeat : a manual of prosody /

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內容簡介top The Poem's Heartbeat 簡介 ?i>The Poem Heartbeat may well be the finest general book available on prosody.?Library Journal (starred review) provocative, definitive manual.?Publishers WeeklyFinally back in print, this slender, user-friendly guide to rhyme, rhythm, meter, and form sparks ntuitive and technical lightning-fl ashes?for poets and readers curious to know a poem inner workings. Clear, good-humored, and deeply readable, Alfred Corn book is the modern classic on prosodyhe art and science of poetic meter.Each of the book ten chapters is a progressive, step-by-step presentation rich with examples to illustrate concepts such as line, stress, scansion marks, slant rhyme, and iambic pentameter. y the book end,?noted a rave review in The Boston Review, orn, magi-teacher and impeccable guide, has taught the novice to become artist and magician.?The Poem Heartbeat also includes a selected bibliography and encourages readers and students to carry their investigations further.The word ine?comes from the Latin linea, itself derived from the word for a thread of linen. We can look at the lines of poetry as slender compositional units forming a weave like that of a textile. Indeed, the word ext?has the same origin as the word extile.?It isn difficult to compare the compositional process to weaving, where thread moves from left to right, reaches the margin of the text, then shuttles back to begin the next unit . . .

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